If the rules of operation and maintenance are not followed, any technical product poses a certain danger

Rules for using cylinders

- the period of the appointed examination has expired;
- the service life of the cylinder has expired;
- there are signs of fire exposure;
- been in a vehicle accident;
- valves are faulty;
- there are no proper inscriptions;
- on the composite shell of which there are longitudinal marks more than 25 mm long and more than 1.25 mm deep or more than 200 mm long and more than 0.75 mm deep;
- there are traces of exposure to aggressive substances.

The operation of cylinders is prohibited for which:
Guidelines for organizing the operation of gas-cylinder vehicles running on compressed natural gas (RD 03112194-1095-03)
Do not refuel in winter before placing the vehicle in a heated garage!
Do not exceed (fill) above the permitted (working) pressure in the cylinder!


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