For correct and safe operation, gas cylinders must regularly undergo testing for leaks and strength, compliance with safety requirements in organizations that have the appropriate permit

Inspection of cylinders

NPF "Real-Storm" has the conditions and has permission to carry out work on re-examination of gas cylinders. The procedure is carried out by employees who have been trained in special programs and have permission to organize and carry out the specified work. The materials and spare parts used during the inspection of gas cylinders comply with all necessary requirements and regulations for equipment operating under excess pressure.
The work is carried out in accordance with the developed methodology for examining cylinders
This technique is for reference
List of enterprises that have officially received the methodology for registering it with Rostekhnadzor and carrying out work on the inspection of cylinders produced by NPF Real-Storm LLC
The next inspection should be carried out only by an organization that has the mark of RosTechNadzor!
In accordance with the requirements of RosTechNadzor and federal norms and regulations, we carry out inspection of CNG-3 gas cylinders. We have all the necessary certified equipment and trained personnel.
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