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LLC "Research and Production Company "Real-Storm" (Izhevsk has been the leader in the market of metal-composite cylinders in Russia in terms of volume and sales for more than 20 years.

In 2022, “Real-Storm” and the Composite Division of the State Corporation “Rosatom” created a joint venture, which opened up new horizons for the development of the company.

During its existence, “Real-Storm” has gone from a small engineering company created in 1995 on the basis of Izhevsk Technical University to a manufacturing enterprise - a leader in the Russian market, supplying products to the largest automakers - KAMAZ, MAZ, GAZ GROUP, URAL, VOLGABAS and etc.
The main product line is metal-composite cylinders for storing and transporting compressed gases, which have a high degree of reliability. Made from thin-walled aluminum liner with basalt or carbon fiber winding. “Real-Storm” cylinders are used as fuel tanks for vehicles using natural gas engine fuel and are installed on modern city buses, municipal vehicles, and long-haul tractors powered by methane.
In addition, the product line includes metal-composite cylinders for storing and transporting hydrogen, which are already used in the first hydrogen refueling stations in Russia
The company's products are 100% Russian-made.

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